Rotary Cup Filling Machines

Semi Automatic Machines
Semi Automatic Cup Filling Machines

Our semi automatic filling machines are built for the small producer or for product development/pilot plants, with manual loading and unloading of the cups but with automatic filling and sealing of the foil lid. Suitable for filling dairy, juice, water and food products. Output up to 900 cups per hour.


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Automatic Entry Level Machines
Automatic rotary cup filling machine

These filling machines are built for the small/medium producer and are available in various capacities and with various additional functions. Machines are built to order to suit the customers containers and closures and product characteristics. Capacity from 500 to 3000 cups per hour. Available with "pre fill" puree dosing, over-capping, date coding and other options. Ideal for filling dairy, juice, water and food products.

Model: HBP CUP A

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Automatic High speed Multi Option
Automatic high speed rotary cup filling machine

Capacity from 4000 to 14000 cups per hour. Fully automatic with foil and over-cap sealing and date coding. Available in Ultra Clean format with UVC treatment of cups and lids, and laminar flow of clean air in the filling zone. Available with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) with inert gas in the head space. Available with buffer storage of cups and lids (20 minutes)


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