Extended Shelf Life / Ultra Clean Systems

Fresh milk, yogurt, juice and dairy beverages require the highest levels of microbiological control.

For HBP filling systems, this means ensuring that the container and the closure and the product and the filling environment are all under strict levels of control, at all times. These controls maximise shelf life and optimise product quality without compromise for productivity.

We offer ultra clean/ESL systems in the range of 40 bpm to 400 bpm.

Packaging machine for extended shelf life products
Bottle Rinsing

Bottle rinsing sections can be configured for dry rinsing (filtered air or ionised air) and for wet rinsing (treated water, ozonated water or hot hydrogen peroxide solution). We can also offer 2 stage rinsing by the addition of a second rinsing turret on the machine.

Cap Rinsing

Cap rinsing is a linear process as the caps feed through the chute to the pick and place capping heads. In addition to wet rinsing, caps can also be treated with UV light for the very highest levels of microbiological control.

The filling environment is controlled in several ways. Of course the hardware in the filling zone must be sterilised and this is achieved with a system of pipes and nozzles that deliver an automated washing and sterilising cycle of all the external parts in the filling zone.

The supply of a laminar flow of sterile air in the filling zone ensures the continuity of microbiological control during the filling process.

The filling process is carefully controlled in 4 different ways:

  1. By controlling the amount of the product in the bottle with leading, branded load cells. When combined with the exclusive algorithm we guarantee filling accuracy between 0.3 and 1.2 grams (depends upon bottle and product)
  2. Filling speed into the bottle is variable and a "speed profile" is developed for each bottle and product combination so that for every combination the impact of the product in the container is automatically controlled and physical properties such as foaming are minimised
  3. The geometry and material properties of the unique filling nozzles produce a constant diameter of product that maximises product entry through the bottle opening but ensures optimum clearance between the product and the bottle opening
  4. There is no contact between the nozzle and the bottle - the product leaves the nozzle and is only surrounded by the laminar flow of sterile air in the filling zone, before it enters the bottle.

Milk Filling Machine
Milk bottle filling machine
Milk Packaging
Milk packaging line
Milk Bottle Filling
Milk bottle filling machine

When product filling is completed, or when the product needs to be changed, every ultra clean system needs a CIP system that guarantees the hygiene profile of the filling system before filling of the next product can begin.

Our CIP system accepts numerous different CIP cycles where the chemicals, temperatures and cycle times may vary between different products.

The CIP cycle is selected automatically from the touch screen and no operator intervention is required, no manifolds required on the machine as the fully automated system discharges the selected cycle.

We also offer stand alone CIP sets for the filling lines, where the customer demands a dedicated CIP system just for the filling machine.

HBP ultra clean systems are focused on providing clean, fast, profitable filling solutions for the the end user.