Rotary Filler / Capper Machine

Rotary Filling & Capping machine


  • PLC controlled machine with electronically variable speed control
  • Control panel in front of machine with display for error readings and fault analysis
  • Modem linked to PLC for remote access via Telephone line for technical analysis
  • Rigid stainless steel welded base with NO bearings exposed
  • No mild steel cladding
  • “Easy-to-access” grease manifold distribute grease to all rotating parts underneath machine
  • One jacking handle for all jacking sections
  • Filling bowl jack with ACME thread for better life span
  • Capping head and cap unscrambler jack simultaneously from one jacking point
  • Filling bowl with knuckled radius for hygienic purposes
  • Pneumatic product level control in tank
  • Low viscosity level filling
  • High viscosity level filling. (SA Patent)
Rotary Filling & Capping machine
  • “Anti-splash” valve attachment to prevent spillage. (SA Patent)
  • “Pick & Place” or “On the fly” capping available
  • Motorized capping. (Optional)
  • Horizontal or vertical cap unscrambler
  • Vertical capping head with stainless steel welded chute. (SA Patent)
  • Low level cap sensor, stops machine to reduce losses
  • Spring loaded capping chucks with magnetic clutch, running on stainless steel bearings, with no wearing parts
  • Rapid release star wheel attachment. (SA Patent)
  • Change parts and outer guide secured with quick-change mechanism. (SA Patent)
  • Automatic, three directional CIP system to speed up cleaning process, and improve hygiene. (International Patent Pending)
  • Full safety guarding, with safety switches on doors and panels to shut down machine if opened while running. (Optional)
  • Different machine options:
     • Base handling machine for HDPE bottles with change parts
     • Base handling machine for PET bottles with change parts
     • Neck handling machine for PET bottles

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Options Summary

  • Base handling for HDPE & PET / Neck handling for PET only
  • Low viscosity filling valves / High viscosity valves
  • Pick & Place capping / On the fly capping
  • Motorized sealing
  • Automatic CIP / Manual CIP
  • Motorized jacking / Manual jacking - Filling bowl and/or screw section

Technical Information

Electrical supply: 380V three phase + neutral and earth.
Air consumption: 100 lt / min @ 6 bar

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