About Hunters Bar Packaging: Bottle Filling and Cup Filling equipment

Hunters Bar Packaging are based in the UK and supply complete solutions for the bottle filling and cup filling industries. HBP are represented in Northern Europe, The Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

HBP have developned a comprehensive range of bottle filling and cup filling equipmnent and the equipment includes:

  • PET bottle filling machines
  • HDPE bottle filling machines
  • Bottle filling and capping machines
  • Bottle rinsing machines
  • Bottle rinsing, filling and capping machines
  • Glass bottle filling machines
  • Bottle filling machines for carbonated liquids
  • Linear piston bottle filling machines
  • Rotary piston bottle filling machines
  • ESL bottle filling machines
  • Rotary cup filling machines
  • Rotary cup sealing machines
  • Rotary cup filling and dosing machines

HBP systems can be applied to many applications, including the the dairy, juice, water, oil, food, sauce, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

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